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Holistic and Comprehensive Care of You
We believe your overall health should be taken care of by a thorough understanding of your unique genetics, health history, as well as current situation. For this purpose, we promote the best clinical practices that includes a comprehensive review of your health condition together with a holistic and effective wellness care.

Our high quality natural products and solutions cover nine wellness care programs and are offered through health care practitioners who are knowledgeable of using them. If you need such a practitioner near you, please use the linked form to generate the referral request. We will e-mail you a list of health care practitioners in your area. You can also call our Customer Service department at 888-919-1188 (United States and Canada) or 408-970-8700 (International).

If your current health care provider does not have the knowledge about our products, we would love to share the health differences our products and solutions can make in patient health. Please use the linked form to refer your practitioner to us.