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Where Do We Add Value?
Assisting you to better handle your 15 - 20% clinical cases which is tough

We continually hear from our practitioner partners that about 15-20% of the patients come to them either do not response to their current treatment offerings or only partially respond to their current treatment offerings. This is where we come in to assist so together we can bring better clinical outcomes for those patients.

Here is a partial list of tough clinical conditions practitioners encounter,
Bone spur
Budging disc
Herniated Disc
Back Pain
Bone-on-Bone osteoarthritis
Hip Pain resulted from avascular necrosis or Pyriformis Syndrome

Bringing you more new patients

Through continued enhancement of your presence on, a steady new patient flow will be available to you. is our internet platform for you, where practitioners share new clinical findings by publishing clinical case studies. Those sharing help other practitioners and patients, promote further communications among practitioners and between patients and practitioners.

Please view our success story.

If you would like to start work with us as partners, please fill out the form to your left for an appointment with our staff.