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practitioners overview
We work closely with health care practitioners by providing them a comprehensive list of the highest quality natural products and business solutions. With our TCM training, you will be able to build your reputation as the go-to expert in your local community. Our proven Business Solutions can help you fully realize the potential of your practice.

Evidence-Based Approaches
Utilizing evidence-based practices, Wei helps healthcare professionals practicing holistic medicine on more solid footing. Wei serves as a gathering point for coordinated learning and the study of new and creative clinical approaches in the Wei ecosystem. Our evidence-based approach to superior clinical performance provides healthcare professionals in the Wei ecosystem with additional capability to deliver high quality care for their patients.

Wei TCM Training
The Wei TCM training teaches practical approaches based on Western Medicine and TCM point of view. It covers nine care programs including over eighty different conditions. With this knowledge, you can better communicate with your patients and help them to achieve better clinical outcomes.

Business Programs
Our first and foremost goal is your clinical and business success. We have developed a frictionless business system enabling you to reach your business objective and enhance your patient care quality at the same time. The system is composed of the following major elements.

Cloud Based Solutions
To facilitate the productivity and care quality improvement of all participants of Wei ecosystem, we provide free cloud based services using and internet platforms. is focused more on facilitating patient education, and patients/healthcare professional information exchange. is focused more on facilitating productivity enhancement of processes related to Doctors day-to-day operation.
Please view our success story and contact us for details about our product and service offerings.