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Wei Quality Standard
Wei Quality Standard
Product Development
Our company is founded by Dr. Jeffrey Wei and Dr Sarah Li. They are both western trained biomedical research scientists and renowned herbalists. Their solid scientific training and Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge guides our products development process with the consideration of how it will impact the entire human system in the broad scope as well as in the molecular and cellular levels. The products we designed are so well balanced, that patients will experience the maximum benefits with minimized undesired negative effects. Designed by biochemists and herbalists, our formulation is the hybrid of herbal formulation and western nutraceutical formulation for the highest potency. They are uniquely produced in capsule form, liquid form and paste forms. You may not find the exactly match of the formulation from other herbal formula suppliers.

High Quality Raw Herbal Materials
Safety and efficacy of our raw herb materials is the highest concern to ensure the product quality. We choose the vendors who have been FDA inspected and then conduct our own auditing before we make purchases. We choose the raw herb material with high quality grade specified according to industry standard and prefer organic or wild grown when ever it is possible. After we receive the materials, we thoroughly inspect them by our QA department to make sure they meet and exceed the most stringent criteria based on the standard set by Chinese Materia Medica Specified in Pharmacopoeia for efficacy and additional safety standard including

Efficacy Standard
- Color
- Aroma
- Texture
- Taste

Safety Standard
-Foreign matter
-Heavy Metal

The raw herb materials are stored in the environment with the temperature and ventilation controls for the preservation of the high efficacy and prevention of the microbial growth. Some herbs materials are stored in the refrigerator if their active ingredients are temperature sensitive.

High Quality Manufacture Process
All raw herb materials are re-inspected before entering into the manufacturing process to ensure the efficacy and safety. Our manufacturing process follows the cGMP standard to ensure the same efficacy and safety for every batch of products produced. We employ the biochemical analysis on every herbal ingredients required to determine the best processing method. Each raw herb material is processed carefully using methods employed in the biotechnology industry in combination with varied temperature and incubation time. Every bottle of finished products is thoroughly sterilized for long shelf life without comprising the efficacy and without the use of any preservatives.