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Evidence-Based Approach
Utilizing evidence-based practices, Wei Laboratories helps healthcare professionals practicing holistic medicine onto a more solid footing. Wei Laboratories serves as a gathering point for coordinated learning and the study of new and creative clinical approaches in the Wei Laboratories ecosystem. Our evidence-based approach to superior clinical performance provides healthcare professionals in the Wei Laboratories ecosystem with additional capability to deliver high quality care for their patients.

Wei Laboratories creates, shares, and leverages clinical content and knowledge to provide an evidence-based foundation to help providers deliver effective care results. The clinical content and knowledge are in the form of recommended treatment protocols, clinical case studies, trouble shooting and protocol customization processes.

Recommended Treatment Protocols are a collection of clinical recommendations that address the management of patients with a specific condition; Western Medicine as well as the Traditional Chinese Medicine points of view are considered. Clinical recommendations are developed following our evidence-based common methodology, which require a systematic review of clinical research and experimental results.

Clinical Case Studies provide a summary of selected clinical successes from healthcare providers. A systematic literature review is not provided. These Clinical Case Studies serve as a practice resource and reference point for healthcare providers to extend their knowledge and capability through other provider's successful clinical endeavors on a selected topic.

Trouble Shooting and Protocol Customization Processes are a collection of clinical recommendations summarized based on clinical success in caring for patients with specific conditions as well as complications commonly seen among these patients. These processes serve as guidelines to address both primary conditions and associated complications for those patients which in turn help healthcare providers successfully manage patients who are not responding or only partially responding to standard protocols.

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